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Did the FBI or Mueller tap Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s phone? Rudy Giuliani says he isn’t buying it

In what truly would be a “bombshell” report — if true — NBC News reported last Thursday morning that, according to anonymous sources ‘familiar with the matter,’ phones belonging to Michael Cohen, the personal lawyer to President Donald J. Trump, have been tapped for weeks, with one call to the White House among those intercepted.

The network reported:

It is not clear how long the wiretap has been authorized, but NBC News has learned it was in place in the weeks leading up to the raids on Cohen’s offices, hotel room, and home in early April, according to one person with direct knowledge.

At least one phone call between a phone line associated with Cohen and the White House was intercepted, the person said.

As previously reported, the FBI raid — which was authorized by none other than Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — was conducted based on allegations that Cohen’s $130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels was an illegal campaign contribution, an allegation that was refuted by a newer member to Trump’s legal team, Rudy Giuliani, on Wednesday evening during an interview with Sean Hannity. They were also looking for records related to that “Access Hollywood” clip that was leaked to the media shortly before the 2016 elections.

Shortly after the raid, NBC News reports, the president called Cohen — who then warned his client not to call him again over fears his phone was being tapped.

Several questions arise from this report.

First of all, why was NBC News chosen for the leak? Why not CNN or The Washington Post or The New York Times, the three most anti-Trump ‘news’ organizations in the country? 

Also, who authorized the phone taps? Was it one of the same Justice Department officials (we’re looking at you, Rosenstein) who has been undermining Trump since he took office? 

Can you imagine any scenario where Barack Obama’s Justice Department would have treated him or any of his past associates in this manner?

What is going on here, exactly? Is this never-ending probe of the president — which, many believe, is becoming a national security issue and a critical distraction from the president’s ability to govern — a criminal probe or a counterterrorism inquiry? It matters because the Justice Department and “special prosecutors” don’t do counterintelligence investigations, and that’s what led Obama’s Deep State to launch its “investigation” into Team Trump in the first place (based on a bogus “dossier”).

For his part, Giuliani doesn’t believe the “bombshell.” He’s skeptical because of what appears to be, according to him, blatant illegality on the part of whoever would have ordered the phone tap against an attorney who isn’t associated with the mob.

As reported by The Daily Beast, Giuliani added that none of the rest of Trump’s legal team believe the story, either.

“Us lawyers have talked about it, we don’t believe it’s true,” Giuliani told the news site. “We think it’s going to turn out to be untrue because it would be totally illegal. You can’t wiretap a lawyer, you certainly can’t wiretap his client who’s not involved in the investigation. No one has suggested that Trump was involved in that investigation. 

“So they’re going to wiretap the lawyer, his client, and his client the president of the United States?” he continued. “I don’t think so, not if they want to stay out of jail. Disclosing a wiretap is a federal felony. I never took ‘em home when I was a U.S. attorney.”

What’s more, Giuliani says he thinks someone in the corrupt Justice Department — the same one that Jeff Sessions seems incapable of running or reigning in — leaked the story.

“Nobody else would know about it” if it were true, he explained. “Cohen didn’t know about it, so it has to be the FBI, the independent counsel, or the Justice Department.”

The Deep State is out of control — see more at

J.D. Heyes is editor of The National Sentinel and a senior writer for Natural News and News Target.

Sources include:

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